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Let's talk about bridesmaids please! #bridesmaids

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Let's talk about bridesmaids! Colors, fabrics, styles and recognizing your maid of honor!

Colors: First off all there is no wrong color! If you want maroon in May that is just fine! There is no wrong color for the season it is just all about how you style it. Top colors for bridesmaids are Navy, Wine, Plum, light pink and Gray. I call them wedding neutrals because they pretty much match everything and look good on pretty much every person. Up and coming colors are Slate Blue, Pale Blue, Rosewood and the color that is having a comeback moment is Mauve! I think the most important thing when it comes to color is that it executes your vision. If you want the trendy color go with that, if you want to have a more classic look goes with classic colors.

Fabrics: The most traditional fabric for bridesmaids dresses is chiffon. It is the classic bridesmaids look but companies are working on switching up the styles and using chiffon in a variety of ways! At Melissa Ashley Brides our widest selection and fabric with the most colors available is chiffon dresses so if you are going to allow your girls to pick their own dresses but same color or you want a less traditional bridesmaids color then you will most likely need to go with chiffon dresses. With that being said there are many other bridesmaids materials, you have crepe, satin, stretch satin, english net and velvet to name a few. Crepe is a heavier material that provides more structure than chiffon but has a clean soft like and it feels like a very thick jersey material. Satin has a very classic look to it with a shiny tone to it. Velvet is making a comeback, while this dress may not be best for the summer it has all the winter vibes! There are a lot of great fabric options for bridesmaids dress not just the traditional chiffon look!

Styles and how to recognize your maid of honor! Long have gone the days where bridesmaids have to wear a traditional chiffon dress. As more brides and their friends want to express themselves at their weddings we are seeing all different styles of dresses! As seen in the pictures above their are many different styles. You can now find dresses with long sleeves, low backs, wrap dresses and even jumpsuits and regular suits are being worn by bridesmaids these days. With all the different options out there you can make your wedding uniquely you! We also get a lot of questions of how can I recognize my maid of honor? There are lots of great ways to give your Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor, some of the ways that we have seen that if the bridesmaids are in a lighter color like light blue the maid of honor is in a darker color like navy blue. Sometimes all the bridesmaids wear the same dress and the maid of honor wears a dress that is complimentary but a little different or all the girls wear the same dress but the bridesmaid adds a bling belt to her. Also another way to make your maid or matron of honor stand out is to make her bouquet a little bit bigger or features brighter flowers. All are great ways to honor the ones who step up into that special role!

We hope this helps you with some ideas and inspiration for your bridesmaids! Also remember a lot of shops offer a discount if you buy both your dress and bridesmaids dresses from them and they carry bridesmaids in a variety of price ranges! Please consider not only shopping for your wedding dress locally but your bridesmaids dresses locally because your local stores reinvest in their local economies and they truly care about their customers and will be there to help in person with any issue that may arise.

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