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Saying Yes to the Dress

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Here are some helpful tips to keep your wedding dress shopping experience stress free!

This blog is a repost from where we shared tips on how to keep your wedding dress shopping experience as stress free as possible!


First, let’s chat about when you should start this process! The ideal time to find your wedding dress is at least 12-9 months out from your wedding date. This allows plenty of time for the dress to arrive at the shop, try it back on, and bring it to a seamstress. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a dress in less time than that, but I like to look at things in the least stressful way, and 12-9 months out is the sweet spot! Also, our experience with recent COVID-19 delays has prepared us for the possibility of delays in production and this is always something worth considering moving forward. 


When you make the decision that you are ready to go find your dress, research your shops! If you have a specific look or style in mind, you can usually browse the online inventory of a shop to see if their aesthetic meets what you are looking for. If you are willing to try on a bunch of different styles, then I would encourage your main priority to be finding a shop with great reviews. Also, if you would like your gown to be within a certain budget, make sure the shop carries dresses in that price range. I would highly recommend only going to 1-2 bridal shops in a day. There are a lot of dresses out there and if you try on too many they will all start blending together! Another thing to consider in your search: often times online retailers knock-off our manufacturers hard work, and even if the quality is similar, it’s not the same. If something goes wrong your local shop owner is going to be there to get it fixed unlike a lot of online retailers. Selecting a great shop to work with that cares for their clients will help guarantee as little stress as possible when it comes to overcoming any potential hiccups.


Now the hard part - who to bring! I personally feel 3-5 people max. This allows for an intimate occasion and one where you get to feel fully heard and supported! Make sure that the people coming with you understand your style and what you want to look like on your wedding day. A scenario I have seen play out often with larger groups: one person starts talking about what they don’t like, not necessarily regarding fit, but what they personally wouldn’t like to wear and when everyone chimes in it often times overpowers the bride’s opinion! We have seen brides go from loving a dress to doubting it because someone didn’t like it. Even if someone in your shopping party decides it’s not their favorite dress it is okay to say yes if you love it! By the time the wedding day comes they won’t remember the other dresses you tried on and they will undoubtedly just be so excited it’s your special day they will love it too! 


Your stylist is your friend! In most shops you will be working one-on-one with someone. Tell them your vision and what you are open to. Communicate when you are trying dresses on about what you like or dislike, because they may be able to identify something else you should try on. If you are open to it, ask them what dress they would pick out for you and try it on! Have fun with the process. They work with brides of all ages and body shapes and they may know something that is going to look stunning on you that you may not have selected on your own - and you never know, it may just be the one


Lastly, it is your wedding day. This means it’s the one day that you can, and should, wear exactly what you want, in both look and feel. I always say: you can never be over-dressed on your wedding day! If you have always dreamed of wearing a sparkly ball gown but are worried it doesn’t fit in with the vibe of your wedding - it does! It will be the one day no one will ever say you were overdressed for the occasion. When you are ready to “Say Yes” don’t doubt yourself. When you met your soon to be husband and he asked you to marry him, you didn’t say, “I need to still date just to make sure,” you said YES! After all, that’s the reason you’re here. The same goes for a wedding dress. There are thousands of dresses out there and many that will look good or even great on you, but when you find the one that makes you feel like a bride, it’s okay to say yes and stop looking - even if it’s only your first appointment! 

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