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The Groom's Guide For Dressing For His Wedding

In the wedding world there is a lot of talk about wedding dresses! There are many different styles, fits, and colors. Designers and prices are dissected by the bride-to-be and her entourage but it is not just the bride getting married so the suit is just as important for the big day!

Sometimes men's suit styling is left to the wayside or the approach of “well they will just figure it out” is taken. I have been to and seen so many wedding photos where this is not always the case! How the groom and groomsmen are dressed that day and how the suit or tuxedo fit are just as important as the bride and bridesmaids. You don't want the bride and her "I Do" crew to look amazing and the groom and his groomsmen to look sloppy. Those pictures will last forever and we don't want you looking back wishing you spent more time figuring out what the groom and groomsmen should wear.

Let's start with some of the basics! What is the difference between a suit and a tuxedo? I am totally guilty of viewing a tuxedo of something overly formal like a white tie affair but in all reality the difference is quite subtle. Tuxedos generally have satin lapels, satin or cloth covered buttons and satin piping along the side of the pant leg. Also tuxedo pants don't typically have belt loops as you are supposed to wear suspenders with them. Suit's will have detailing that matches the suit and belt loops.

Next let's talk about fit! Fit is everything when it comes to style! You will have your traditional fit which is good for dad's or men with a little bit of a belly but a smaller waist and then you have the trim fit suits. This is what most of the grooms are asking for these days. It is a balanced fit that gives a trim look without excessive pulling or bagginess and still is comfortable to wear. Lastly there is skinny fit, this is usually associated with high fashion. The pants will be very tight and are meant to be worn above the shoe. It emphasizes the pulling and wrinkles and is the least comfortable because of movement restriction.

Next let's talk about style! It's important to keep it classy and timeless and appropriate for the venue. Gone are the days where every wedding takes place in a church or place of worship. If you are getting married on a beach the jet black formal tuxedo might seem a little out of place. It's okay to do something a little bit different but think to yourself, “if I look back on these photos 30 years down the line will I think my suit choice was a good idea?” Black, Navy and Grey are all good color choices and classic wedding day colors. If you decide to break from those colors that is totally fine as well, just remember that a tie dye suit might have seemed like a good idea at the time but looking back on it many years later you may regret that choice.

Now let's talk about your groomsmen! Long gone are the days when your groomsmen need to wear exactly the same thing as the groom so they can all look like a cruise ship boy band cover band! The main focus should be on the groom, so the groomsmen can have suits that are complimentary in nature. They could be a lighter grey while the groom is in a dark grey or they could have a tie or bowtie in a different color. The groom could be in a black velvet jacket while the groomsmen are in the traditional black suits. The groom could wear a suit jacket and the groomsmen just have a vest or suspenders. The main point is that they should not be bringing attention to themselves but instead enhancing the look of the groom on his wedding day. It also isn't their chance to walk to red carpet so keeping things classy and minimal is key. This isn't the time to try out our new bolo tie or WWE belt buckle! Match your colors and utilize simple ties and accessories!

Lastly this goes for the groom, groomsmen and even guests of the wedding...when in doubt go formal. We are seeing more and more wedding parties or guests getting casual. We see people dressing down their suits with sneakers and t-shirts. The only way this would be appropriate is if it has been stated that this wedding is a casual affair. If it has not, then treat the wedding like the formal occasion that it is. Don't be the guest in the photo who looked like he walked in off the street. There are less and less opportunities these days to get dressed up so use weddings as an occasion to pull out all the stops and look your best! If you don't know how formal the wedding is always err on the side of caution. You can always remove your jacket to dress yourself down but you can't magically make sneakers into dress shoes!

This is a lot of information to take in and figuring out how to look on your wedding day can be difficult! Utilize the professionals, there are a lot of small businesses out their that do suit and tuxedo rentals and sales and they care how you look on your wedding! That includes us, we saw a need to help the groom and his groomsmen look their best on their wedding day so we expanded into the suit and tuxedo rental business! Join us on November 19th from 4-7 p.m. and meet with our staff and industry professionals to get styled for your upcoming nuptials so you will match your bride on your wedding day!

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