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What's a Trunk Show and Why to Shop It?

It has been a minute since we have published a blog post but we felt like this was an important topic!

We are holding a Lillian West Trunk Show 6/24-6/26 and we have had brides ask us what is a trunk show? And we felt like that also begs the question Why to shop at a trunk show?

A trunk show is a great opportunity for a bride who loves a certain designer to see more of that designers collections. A designer creates 1-2 collections every year and from those collections stores choose what dresses they think will do well in their stores so the entire collection won't be in the stores and it can be hard to find a certain dress in the collection if stores in your area that carry that brand didn't buy it. A trunk show is when the designer will send their entire collection to a store for the weekend so this will add a bunch of extra dresses to the stores inventory and will possibly have a hard to find gown you want to try on. There are different collections that they can send, they can send the current collection, a future collection that isn't in stores yet, best sellers or best plus size dresses.

The trunk show we will be getting will be the fall Lillian West collection. This collection hasn't arrived in stores yet so this will be an opportunity to purchase from their newest collection of dresses!

Trunk Shows are also great because the designer usually allows some type of discount on their dresses for that weekend only. The shop may have specials or gifts for their brides who purchase that weekend as well! Trunk shows can be a great way to save a little extra money.

Shops don't hold trunk shows very often so if you see one for a designer that you want make it a priority to try to attend when a designer you love is having a trunk show at a shop near you!

Some tips for shopping a trunk show!

1) Don't make a trunk show your first shopping trip. Trunk shows are for someone looking for a more specific style and may not be the best option for a bride who is looking for a wide range of styles.

2) Do your research!. Know what dresses and aesthetics the trunk show designer is and that this designer carries the type of wedding dress you want to wear on your wedding day!

3) Book your appointment ASAP! Because there are only so many appointment slots and the trunk show is only at the shop for a short period of time they will fill up quickly so make sure to make your appointment right away to get the day and time you want!

4) Come ready to purchase! Because the dresses will only be in the store for a short period of time be prepared mentally to make a decision. You won't necessarily have the opportunity to come back and try on the dresses again. It is helpful to come with your hair and makeup done so you can envision what it will look like on your wedding day.

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