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How To Shop A Sample Sale!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

You may have noticed across the nation that many Bridal Shops are participating in the National Bridal Sale! Melissa Ashley Brides is one of those stores! Every shop will run the sale a little bit differently so check with each individual store on the specifics of their sale. At Melissa Ashley Brides we will be having our sale July 18-25th during our normal hours and Sunday and Monday we are available by appointment only! Here are some tips for shopping a sample sale!

1) Do your homework! Make sure to browse facebooks events and social media pages to identify styles you like to help you sort through all the sale dresses.

2) Keep an open mind! If you're after a true steal, don't place too much emphasis on a few missing beads, a small spot or loose thread. With a major clearance sale, not all dresses will be in perfect condition, but it's nothing some vision and a great seamstress can't perfect for you!

3) Dress the part! You are on the hunt for the wedding dress of your dreams at a great value and so are other fellow brides-to-be. Dressing appropriately will make the process a lot smoother. Opt for comfortable shoes, clothes you can easily slip into and out of, wear nude undergarments, and bring along a pair of high heels similar to what you plant to wear on the big day. Also having your hair and make-up done will help you to envision your overall wedding day look!

4) Limit your entourage! If you are shopping a major bridal sale, try to limit your entourage to two to three people at maximum. Although it's a special moment you want to share with those closest to you, having too many opinions in this scenario can obstruct you from the task at hand and even though it is a sale it is still all about you and what you want!

5) Don't be afraid to commit! Go into the sale knowing that you may or may not walk out of the store with your dream dress at a great value. If you find it, don't be afraid to commit. Realize if you walk out it might be someone else's dream dress tomorrow.

Some specifics for our sale! We will have wedding dresses starting at $199, Mother's dresses starting at $99 and all our prom dresses will be on sale for $99! We will also have veils and hairpieces on sale. For dresses over $599 black bags will be included otherwise they will be available to purchase for $20! All dresses can be sent out to be cleaned for $150. If you fall in love with a non-sale dress we are offering $100 off original prices. All of our brides who join us will receive a gift! Any bride who purchases will be entered in to win our door prize a goodie bag full of bride merchandise!

Some say the dress picks you...when you know, you'll know! Get ready to say...YES to the DRESS during our biggest sale of the year!

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